Waitress in Australia drags huge monitor lizard out of restaurant by its tail

An Australian waitress who dragged a large monitor lizard out of a restaurant by its tail has won the hearts of netizens worldwide.

French waitress Samia Lila found herself facing the unlikely visitor, a goanna (a type of monitor lizard found in Australia), inside the restaurant she works at in New South Wale, Australia.

A customer at Mimosa Wines, the restaurant, pointed out that a goanna had wondered into the premises.

The plucky waitress, who initially mistook the animal for a large dog, pulled it by its tail.

She dragged it out of the restaurant, all while being careful to not let it turn and attack her.

A video of the incident was shared on Mimosa Wines Facebook page.

While some commenters on the video said that dragging a goanna by its tail is cruel, Lila said she was trying to be gentle in removing the intruder.

"I like reptiles, I think he is a really beautiful creature [and] I didn't want to hurt him," she said.

Following the encounter, she said was a bit "shaky", reports Mashable.

Goannas are often timid and aren't really a risk to humans, but they can produce a nasty bite if threatened.