Villagers shocked after corpses seen afloat in Malaysia floods

Villagers in Tumpat, Malaysia were in for a shock when 100 tombstones and four shrouded corpses were washed away by floodwaters at a cemetery during a three-day downpour.

They saw the corpses floating in the water near the Kampung Kubur Datuk burial ground on Saturday (Jan 21).

Village head Rosli Mohd Nor said:

"We reburied the dead as soon as the floodwaters subsided."

The torrential rain had dislodged several tombstones from their original positions.

"The floods were so strong that some of the rectangular wooden covers on the graves were smashed," he said. 

This is what caused the corpses to float out.

According to The Star via AsiaOne, residents kept watch over the tombstones day and night to make sure the cemetery did not flood again.