Vietnamese woman mistook winning lottery, plunges into debt after throwing banquet and buying gifts for poor neighbours

‘Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched,’ is a common saying known to many.

A 39-year-old Vietnamese woman however, did just that -- throwing banquets and buying gifts for her neighbours and the less privileged after having mistook winning the lottery.

The woman allegedly bought seven pieces of lottery tickets on Feb 17, and after the results were disclosed, was shocked to find out that she had won the jackpot, netting herself 14 billion dong ( S$867151).

Only that she didn’t.

She refused to let anyone check the numbers, fearing that they may steal the tickets, and even threatened to omit their share if they kept harping on it, reports Apple Daily via World of Buzz

However instead of splurging her imaginary windfall on shopping and material wants, the lady decided to buy a large amount of rice and gift to be distributed to her neighbours and the less privileged. 

She even threw a two-day banquet and invited her relatives and neighbours for a feast. 

Reality caught up to her a few days later when she and her family went to cash in the tickets, only ti realise that only two out of the six numbers matched the winning set. 

It was only then the woman realised that she had plunged herself into a 100 million dong (S$6193) debt. 

Her family is attempting to raise money to pay off the debt.

Upon hearing the news, many of the recipients quickly returned the gifts, while relatives and friends who attended the banquet donated money to her in ang baus.