Video of durian being grilled goes viral, fans of fruit declare it a blasphemy

Netizens are freaking out over a video of durians getting grilled.

Widely known as the ‘King of Fruits’ to many affectionate durian fans, just merely the thought of grilling the delicacy is blasphemous. 

While grilling the fruit is not a new concept, the video, shared on Cooki's Facebook page, showed the fruit being slowly cooked over an open flame, with the end result wrapped in aluminium foil, reports World of Buzz

The durian flesh even bore the tantalising grill marks. 

Some however, found that far from appetising.

Said a netizen:

“I would never treat my durian like that. 

“If you do this you would make it lose all its natural flavour. 

“Durians should only be eaten fresh!”

Another chipped in:

“This is a great way to ruin great stuff.”’

However, less conservative fans have voiced their excitement to try out the innovative way of enjoying their favourite fruit. 

One netizen said:

“I’m about to start a bonfire to try this now!”

Another added:

“I love durians and I love this!”

Which side are you on?