Venezuelan skier skies on snow for the first time at the world championships, fails horribly

Growing up, Adrian Solo had always wanted to be a cross-country skier.

However, there was a problem: Adrian was from Venezuela, a tropical country located on the northern coast of South America. It was far too hot for there to be snow. 

Undeterred, he trained on wheels and eventually managed to secure a spot in the qualifying round in Lahti 2017 to represent his home country.

Held in Finland early this week, the ski competition started well for Adrian, but it all went downhill the moment he stepped on the snow.

The Venezuelan had trouble getting out of the starting blocks, and he fell and stumbled several times throughout the route, leading to many dubbing him the 'worst skier alive'.

Unfortunately, Lahiti2017Live reported on Twitter that he failed to complete the race.

Check out the video below.