Trekkers surprised to find ice sheets forming near Mount Kinabalu's summit due to unusually cold weather

Trekkers scaling Mount Kinabalu were surprised to see ice sheets forming near Low’s Peak on Wednesday(Feb 7) morning as temperatures dipped. 

A thin layer of ice had formed on the surface of the renowned ‘Wishing Pool’ near the mountain summit as high pressure cold winds from Siberia arrived in Southeast Asia, reports The Star Online

 Mount Kinabalu Mountain Guides Association president Richard Soibi said that ice formation on the mountains was an uncommon occurrence:

“It has been colder than usual but thankfully the weather has not affected climbing activities on the mountain.”

Sabah Parks Kinabalu Park manager Yassin Miki added that temperatures can fall to as low as zero degree Celsius:

The incidence of water freezing into ice is a phenomenon considering that we are in the middle of Southeast Asia where it is always warm and humid.

“The rangers, guides and porters are used to the colder temperatures.”

Sabah Meteorological Services Department director Azemi Daud confirmed that the temperature was abnormally cold between 5am and 7am on Wednesday (Feb 7).