Tourists in America freak out after alligator suddenly crawls into their boat

A group of tourists in Florida, America, had the shock of their lives after a 1.5 metre-long alligator crawled onto their boat from the bank of a water body.

At the beginning to the video recorded by Tylor Hindery, the tourists can be seen filming the huge reptile as it lay motionless on the shore.

At the 23 second mark, the alligator then abruptly turned and crawled quickly onto the boat.

The tourists panicked and can be heard screaming.

The frantically moved out of the way of the alligator, cramping themselves into a corner of the boat.

Luckily for the tourists, the reptile did not show any aggression and tried to leave the boat shortly after it crawled onto it.

It got stuck between two metal rails as it was making its was back into the water, but managed to free itself eventually.

The tourists can he heard laughing in relief thereafter.