Things could have gone very wrong for elderly woman who fell on escalator in China

An elderly woman fell while going up on an escalator, but was fortunately saved in time by quick-thinking onlookers.

According to CCTV footage posted by China Global Television Network (CGTN), the incident took place on Apr 4 at around 2.35pm.

However, it is unclear where exactly this happened.

In the clip, the old lady can be seen going up the escalator while accompanied by a younger woman who was holding her hand.

Both females then appeared to stumble and the older woman fell, the latter of whom continued holding on to the handrail tightly.

Her companion can be seen trying to support her and preventing her from falling off the escalator steps altogether.

Fortunately, a female security officer then rushed to their aid and saved the elderly woman in just seven seconds, while another man ran to turn off the escalator in time.

Kudos to these people for being quick-witted and saving a life!