The crazy thing Lady Gaga wants to do on roof of stadium during Super Bowl performance

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl show will "span her career so far".

The 'Million Reasons' hitmaker has teased what fans can expect from her performance during the half-time show at the annual sporting event.

Speaking to Houston's Mix 62.5 radio, she said: "We were [rehearsing] in the tent for about a week and a half, then we had to move to bigger studios in Hollywood where we are working on the rest of the show. And then we will send that equipment to Houston where we will finish rehearsals.

"Fans can expect a performance that spans my career so far. I appreciate everyone that has supported me over the years and that still supports my music and my shows. I can't wait to do a great show for the world!"

The 30-year-old singer has been busy rehearsing for the show in a tent in her back garden and she is reportedly keen to scale the roof of the stadium to perform.

A source shared at the time: "They're writing up multiple plans about how to safely get her on the roof, including potentially [cutting] a hole in the ceiling of the dome. Trying to figure out insurance for it is crazy."

Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland has been issuing advice to Lady Gaga ahead of her performance.

Speaking from experience after she headlined the 2013 event alongside her Destiny's Child bandmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, Kelly said: "It happened too fast - it literally happened so fast. I remember looking at my feet and the next thing I know we were exiting to the back to leave the field, and I was like, 'What just happened?' It happened so fast I would just say have fun, because it's such a moment in time."

The Super Bowl will take place at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on February 5 when the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons.