Thai women engage in knife fight over buying a pair of pants

A fight broke out between a vendor and her customer at a market in Phuket over a pair of pants.

Apparently, tempers flew after the customer decided not to buy the pants.

According to Bangkok Coconuts, it happened at Expo Department Store in Phuket Town.

The vendor was reportedly not happy when one of two sisters tried on a pair of pants and decided not to buy them because they were too long.

She put on a "sour expression" which spurred the teenager to rain verbal abuse on the woman.

The seller reciprocated and told the girls to leave because she did not want to get in a fight.

However, the girls refused to leave and continued to verbally attack the seller.

Having had enough, the seller grabbed a knife from behind her and started threatening the girls with it.

What ensued was a tussle that was caught on video and uploaded on Facebook.

While grappling for the knife, one of the teenagers cut her hand and was sent to the hospital for stitches.

A police spokeperson said:

“The matter was settled with each party apologizing to each other."