Thai woman shows how to flaunt wealth online without being annoying

Nobody likes a show-off who excessively flaunts his or her wealth online, whether it is due to sour grapes or not.

Chinelo Novo is one of those who has had enough of such people, and decided to post a tutorial on Thai forum showing how to 'haolian' in good taste.

According to her:

- Don’t position the object you want to brag about in the middle of your photo. Try putting it towards the corner.

- Don’t put a logo in your friends’ faces.

- Be down-to-earth. Don’t care about your wealth. Be joyful, funny and quirky.

- Try to feature your key item as little as possible in the photo

- Items with a signature style are easier to inoffensively brag about.

And before you accuse Novo of being a show-off herself, all the luxury items in her photos are actually borrowed from her colleagues.

Her pearl necklace costs only 250 baht (around S$10) while the flashy Mustang was from a display at Mega Bangna.

Novo told Coconuts Bangkok that her inspiration comes from her circle of friends, who are tired of people’s bragging Facebook posts.

"Bragging about being rich is not wrong. Really, anyone who gets their hands on a brand name item would want to show it off, right? So I want to write about how to brag in a creative way," she said.

Read her full translated tutorial on Coconuts Bangkok.