Thai student gives birth in class -- while classmates had no idea she was even pregnant

A recent video showing a Thai high school student giving birth in the classroom has gone viral, garnering over two million views.

Apparently, the girl in the video had been pregnant for months but no one seemed to notice, and only her close confidante knew about it, reports The Coverage.

While she was attending her class as per usual, she started screaming in pain, her sudden outburst shocking her classmates.

None of them knew what was going on, until their teacher realised that the girl was in labour. 

The girl continued screaming in pain, going into labour with her legs wide open while the floor was drenched in blood. 

Fortunately, the teacher did not panic and calmly proceeded to help deliver the baby. 

Many netizens have taken umbrage at the video, with one commenting:

“How can she bear a child when she hasn’t even completed her studies?”

Others wondered whether a pregnant students should be allowed to continue their studies. 

Sceptical netizens also wondered if the video is even real. 

What’s your take on this?

Watch the video below and decide.