Thai kindergartener gets tied and blindfolded for tearing teacher's papers

A photo of a kindergartener tied up and blindfolded in Thailand has been circulating among Thai netizens.

However, the school director in Surin province has explained that it was all part of a role play activity to discipline the girl, reports Coconuts Bangkok.

When the photo was first posted on Tuesday (Feb 21), the girl's father said that one of the school's faculty members ordered an older student to tape the girl up because she had torn three reams of papers.

She wanted the girl to learn what it is like to be arrested.

“Her father doubts that a kindergartener could tear all three reams of paper. The Mathayom teacher used tape to bind the girl’s hands and closed her eyes with tape and paper. She was sobbing and shivering for fear that the teacher would send her to the police like she was threatened,” wrote the Facebook page’s admin who posted the photo.

The school director has said that the whole matter has been misunderstood.

The kids had messed with the older students' submitted assignments.

The teacher chose not to scold the girl but told her she was wrong and binded her to demonstrate that when someone does wrong they will be arrested by the police and handcuffed.

He claimed that it was to teach a moral lesson and not to punish.

He added that the girl was not crying like the Facebook page said.

However, the girl's parents have slammed the teacher's actions and announced they will take legal action against this unacceptable behaviour.

The two teachers who took part in this 'lesson' agreed to pay THB20,000 ($800) to each of the two children who were tied up - one was not pictured - and asked to be transferred from the school.