Teenagers fall in love and travel the world together after a single tweet

People are finding their soulmates in the most amazing ways these days.

It all started with a tweet for Australian teenager Leonie Sii and Swede teen Mattias Holmbom.

Leonie had sent Mattias a tweet thanking him for a game tutorial: "You sir, are amazing."

The tweet started a conversation and the two bravely arranged to meet up.

After meeting, the lovebird spent a year travelling through Europe together and posted their journey on their Instagram.

Leonie decided to move to Switzerland as part of her degree requirement to work abroad so that they could continue to meet and go on more adventures.

The couple have now settled in Sydney where Leonie, now 24, works as a blogger and Mattias is a video editor.

According to Contiki via Unilad, the lovers believe fate brought them together:

We came from different parts of the world, and we’d sort of been hiding in our own little dungeons in our own rooms.

"Since we found each other, we’ve been going everywhere in the world and it brought us both a new perspective on what life is."