Sleaze or goodwill therapy? Taiwan volunteers provide sexual service to the severely disabled

Chen Jingwen
May 2, 2017

Puritans might slam their service as sleaze but supporters regard it as an essential sex therapy for the critically disabled.

Meet the 'Hand Angels', a group of Taiwanese volunteers who provide a sexual service to those who have lost the use of their hands.

The wheelchair-bound founder of this Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) should understand their plight as he was crippled after being struck with polio when he was a baby.

Named 'Vincent', the middle-aged man told BBC News that although he was fortunate to have the use of his hands, his own experience made him realise that others do not, and so have no way of satisfying their physical and emotional needs.

That inspired him to set up his group whose website comes with a URL that many might see as tongue-in-cheek, or worse, online prostitution:

But it's serious business for Vincent and his volunteers who have to undertake six months of planning and meetings before going into a session with a client.

It lasts about 90 minutes "from touching the person to helping them reach orgasm," Vincent told BBC.

One volunteer responded to critics philosophically: "If they think I'm a sex worker, I'm fine with that."