Simon Yam’s daughter is growing up to be just as good-looking as her parents

Simon Yam (任達華) and Qi Qi’s (琪琪) daughter Ella (任晴佳) is turning into such an elegant young lady.

The Yam family's only daughter, who turned twelve on Christmas Eve, celebrated her birthday a few days in advance due to a family trip that they had planned for the Christmas holidays.

According to Jayne Stars, Ella organised and planned the birthday party herself, while her parents were in charge of paying the bills.

Qi Qi, who has retired to become a full-time mother, ran errands day and night for her daughter.

The 49-year-old former model was seen shopping a large basket of junk food in preparation for her daughter’s birthday party. As the shopping basket was too heavy for her to carry, she kicked the basket all the way to the cashier while waiting in line.

Happy 12th birthday, Ella!