Sicko motorist in China hangs live rabbit behind SUV while driving

Photos of a motorist in China leaving a live rabbit dangling by its neck at the back of an SUV while driving have caught the attention of netizens.

According to Shanghaiist, the sicko driver was spotted in Kunming. The animal was hung just below the rear windshield of the white SUV. It was swinging from side to side as the vehicle was moving. The animal's body partially covered the licence plate.

It is unclear why the driver chose to do this to the poor animal, but some netizens have expressed their opinions on why he or she committed the heinous act.

One felt that the driver simply loved abusing animals, and another said that the driver was trying to tenderise the rabbit before eating it.

Wrote on angry netizen on social media:

"The driver should be hung from the back of a big truck to let him see how it feels."

Police investigations into the incident are ongoing.