'Running Man' will continue running

Following the announcement that 'Running Man' would be shutting down after a controversial decision to remove Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo from the lineup, Korean television network SBS announced today (Jan 24) that the show will continue to air past its cancellation date. 

According to SBS via Koreaboo, SBS Chief of Headquarters Nam Seung Yong said:

“Running Man isn’t just a variety program. It boasts 100 million fans just overseas and I don’t think it’s fair not to reflect their opinions and decide the fate of the show just because of internal problems.

"I believe the correct path is to undergo change in order to become a better show and give more to the fans. That is why we are back.”

He added:

“I sincerely thank the Running Man members who made the difficult decision to stay on the show. 

"In order to repay fans who loved and supported the show for the last 7 years, we will do our best to make Running Man even more enjoyable.”