Robber in USA punches 67-year-old Vietnamese woman and steals her car -- right in front of her home

A 76-year-old Vietnamese woman, Kim Dang, was viciously beaten and pushed down, before having her car stolen by a robber — right in her driveway on Monday (Jan 15). 

The incident happened in the victim’s home in Houston, USA, reports The Coverage

The elderly woman’s son, Paul Nguyen, is infuriated by the sheer brutality of the incident, saying: "I felt very furious, a lot of anger.

"You see these videos online, but for it to happen to your own family member and to your mum...  I just couldn't bear to watch the video."

Footage from surveillance cameras showed Kim getting out of her car on her driveway, and walking towards her door, when she was suddenly ambushed by a man in a hoodie, who punched her in the face, before shoving her off her feet and taking off with her Honda.

When asked where the suspect had punched her, Kim replied: "Right here", while pointing to her jaw. 

The victims also suffered bruises on her back and forearms. 

After the incident, the police found the stolen vehicle abandoned just a 10mins drive away from the victim’s house. 

Said Nyguen: "Getting the car back helps a lot, now they have evidence and fingerprints."

Even after the ordeal, the victim, a mother of five from Vietnam, said she would be praying for the assailant.

She added that she was shaken up, but not angry and hopes her attacker reflects on his actions.

Watch the video below.