Revealed: Jackie Chan's close confidante whom he has 'complete trust' in

Action superstar Jackie Chan and pal, director Stanley Tong go way back.

In 1992, Tong helmed his first movie, Police Story 3: Super Cop with Jackie, where Jackie was dangled from a rope off a helicopter, above the cityscape of Kuala Lumpur.

It was a start of a beautiful partnership that spanned 25 years and six movies reports The Straits Times

During their collaborations, Jackie had leapt off a building, jumped into a speeding hovercraft and swum with sharks, among many other dangerous acts. 

The pair reunites in their latest collaboration, action-comedy Kung Fu Yoga, in which Jackie takes part in a thrilling car chase while sharing his vehicle with a less conventional partner -- a lion. 

The now 56-year-old director is one of a small group of film-makers that 62-year-old Jackie Chan has complete faith in. 

In an interview, Chan said:

“I'm completely reassured when he's in charge, so I'll leave everything to him, from the script to the locations, and I need not look over the details." 

The pair are honest with each other to a fault, and Tong even told Jackie once that he needed to shed some pounds for a role in a movie, to which the super star retorted that Tong himself didn’t look too skinny.

Tong retorted:

“Da ge (Brother), It doesn’t matter for me since I’m behind the camera.”

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