Restaurant has perfect response to woman who exposed cheating boyfriend in epic review

You are on a date to an amazing bar, what else could go wrong?

Discovering that your partner is a cheating dirtbag, that's what.

Facebook user Alison Chappell left a review on a bar named Sutlers on Apr 17 after going there with her boyfriend.

She praised the bar's Sauvignon Blanc and atmosphere but then the review took a weird turn when she started to publicly shame her cheating boyfriend.

She wrote:

"Unfortunately halfway through said wine my boyfriends phone bleeped with a Tinder message which, of course, I wasn't supposed to see." 

"So our visit was cut short, and he consequently got dumped and we drove back to Leicester (very uncomfortable car journey as you can imagine)."

"I'd recommend the pub definitely, but best to go with someone who isn't a lying s**t head as you'll have a much nicer time than I did."

Sutlers then gave an amazing response offering to right the situation:

"Your boyfriend sounds like an absolute cad and a bounder. We deplore such actions. Its unbecoming of a true gentleman. "

"If you'd mentioned this at the time we'd have defended your honour by challenging said scallywag to a duel or at the very least given him a shake of our heads and sent him on his way with a collective tsk tsk! and advice that a gentleman should always treat his fair maiden with the utmost respect." 

"You deserve better. The next time you're in York, with a new beau or with chums, pop in and say what-ho!" 

"We'll make sure your next visit is a far more enjoyable one. Please accept my warmest sympathies and kindest regards on behalf of all the staff at Sutlers, Captain Darling." 

Alison appreciated the response and assured them that she would definitely drop by the next time she is in York.