Reluctant man weds old woman while pulling long face -- until he is presented with piles of cash

Weddings are loud, happy affairs, but in reality, sometimes people get married against their wishes.

Videos recently circulating on Facebook show a man marrying an elderly woman, and from his sad facial expression, we can assume that he was not all that happy.

According to comments by netizens, the couple are Chinese and the age gap between the groom and his bride stretch as far as 20 to 40 years, reports World of Buzz

Throughout the videos, the groom showed reluctance and unhappiness.

Only after getting presented a pile of cash, did he agree to drink the ‘cross-cupped wine’, a tradition for Chinese newly weds. 

Netizens reason that the groom probably married the woman out of financial constraints and not love. 

The man’s hilarious, albeit resigned expression garnered him much popularity with netizens. 

Hopefully, the man will find his happiness soon.

The time and venue of the incident cannot be ascertained. 

Watch the videos below.