Rat tied up and publicly shamed for allegedly 'stealing rice' in China

China is famous for its ruthless public shaming on burglars, cheaters, and the latest victim was apparently a rat.

In the gallery above, the pictures showed the rodent being tied up to what seemed to be a trolley.

A piece of paper attached to the animal's body explained that it had been caught stealing rice at a convenient store, AsianTown reports. 

Two pictures were posted by a Weibo user with the screen name "jiu lian shan she zhang".

The post reads:

"A friend of mine found a small rat in the warehouse of a convenient store.

"After the rat was arrested, it was shamed by a poster. Poor rat! How could it spend the Lunar New Year?"

The user indicated that the two pictures had been taken at the Lianping County of Heyuan city in southern China's Guangdong Province.