Pretty Malaysian teacher looks as young as her students, is also a model

With her beautiful looks and a fashionable sense of style, this teacher in Malaysia looks exactly like a model.

Well, that is also because she IS in fact a freelance Muslimah model.

Jash Jasfri is a Malaysian teacher who graduated from University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), reports World of Buzz.

Her Instagram photos show her looking like a true fashionista despite being modestly dressed and donning a hijab.

She also seems to be well-liked by her students, who she shares a close relationship with, judging from the many pictures she poses for with them.

On Teacher's Day, Jash had dressed up like a pupil and totally looked like any other student, thanks to her youthful appearance,

She has been making waves online, leaving netizens especially envious of her radiant, porcelain skin.