Pretty Malaysian girl's witty 'rent a GF for CNY' ad wins the internet

It's the Chinese New Year (CNY) period, and the social media postings or guys and girls you can hire to pose as your better half at family gatherings have been popping up everywhere.

But this girl's post is perhaps the most memorable one, thanks to her sense of humor and striking good looks.

The girl, Erica Long from Malaysia, starts off her post with the phrase "last minute sale, Chinese New Year girlfriend rental".

She states that for RM8 (about S$2.60), she will accompany you for one reunion dinner with your family.

As a complimentary gift, you get to attend on of her family's reunion dinners for free.

For RM88 (about S$SGD29), she will accompany you for the entire CNY period.

The best bit of the post is when she says, "(7/10) appearance rating according to my friend, (10/10) appearance rating according to my best friend".

She also says she can play mahjong and gamble with your elders. But beware. If she wins, she keeps the money.

If she loses, you will be paying for it.

She also generously offers to entertain your little annoying cousins and blend in well with whoever is at those dinners.

Her social media photos also show that she is quite the looker, prompting many responses to her add.

Sadly, according to The Coverage, she is taken, so you won't be bringing her home this CNY.