Pretty all-female task force keeps the peace for May Day at Hangzhou

Large crowds have tendencies to defy or even hate personnel deployed to safeguard the peace during large-scale events.

We naturally tend to be more bold and rowdy when in large groups.

But even the most rowdy groups would probably not want to get on the bad side of this task force in China.

The all-female patrol squad was dispatched to keep unruly behaviour in check during the May Day celebrations in Hangzhou, reports Shanghaiist.

The task force is made up of young university graduates, and was set up last year to welcome visitors to the G20 summit in China.

China's public security bureau said that the squad has helped 13,500 tourists, and stopped 8,400 instances of bad behaviour.

The women have also become tourist attractions with their berets, dark glasses and sleek uniforms.

Many who visited Hangzhou's West Lake took photos of the officers along with the scenery.