PR stunt? Malaysian girls get into a catfight over limited-edition mascara

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... or two women fighting over mascara. 

In a video uploaded onto Facebook by Ashley Tan today (Mar 10), two Malaysian girls can be seen getting into a scuffle over a tube of limited-edition mascara, according to World Of Buzz.

In the video, the lady wearing a white top can be heard saying: "This is actually a limited-edition mascara and I am actually placing it here." 

However, before she can put the mascara on the shelf, the girl in black can be seen trying to snatch the mascara from her hands, but fails.

She makes a second attempt to take the mascara, but the girl in white refuses to let go, saying: "This is limited edition, and I want it back on the rack."

The video ends just as they are about to fight. 

Patrons of the store can also be seen filming the incident.