Poor dog gets ridiculous haircut in China because owner doesn't speak Mandarin

A poor German Shepherd cross named Seren got more than just a trim when his owner brought him for a haircut in Shenzhen, thanks to the language barrier.

His owner, 27-year-old Leigh Simmon from England, told Wales News Agency that he brought his dog to an animal groomer for a shave because summer was approaching.

He said:

"The woman spoke no English and I speak very, very little Chinese. I ended up miming shaving the dog and I made a 'bzzz' sound. The woman nodded and told me to come back at 4pm.

"I came back and saw the dog and just started laughing hysterically. I could barely stand up, I was laughing so much.

"The poor women working there were so confused. They looked embarrassed, like they were worried I wasn’t going to pay them.

"But I did. It cost me roughly £10 (SGD18).

"Everyone in China has a poodle. Lots of them have this style.

"I just didn’t think at the time that the French poodle look that you see in films was the standard model for shaving dogs out here.”