'Pangolin Princess' arrested in China after photos showing dishes made with pangolin surface online

A woman from Shenzhen, China, has drawn the ire of netizens after photos showing her love for eating the endangered pangolin circulated online.

According to Shangahiist, a Weibo user recently posted screenshots published in 2012 by another netizen showing the pangolin dishes that the woman had allegedly consumed. 

The photos started circulating, and has attracted the eyeballs of many other Weibo users.

Other than pangolin, the images also showed other dishes made using swans and snakes.

In one of the screenshots, the woman claimed that her snake stew was to potent that she got a nosebleed.

Another image apparently showed a dish of pangolin fried rice, which was described as 'very special'.

"Caterpillar fungus and pangolin soup" was another dish that was on the menu.

Thanks to the controversial photos, the woman was given the name "Pangolin Princess".

Instead of a castle however, she might find herself in a prison cell in the near future as the Police have launched an investigation into her bizarre food choices.