Pakistani man smashes 43 coconuts in under 60 seconds using head, sets new world record

A 30-year-old Pakistani man, Rashid Naseem from Karachi has set a new world record, by smashing open 43 fresh green coconuts in a minute -- using just his head. 

Representatives from the Guinness World Record were at the scene to officially ordain the new record holder, reports The Coverage.

Naseem revealed that he had trained tirelessly for half a year before attempting the record, and splitting headaches were common when he first started his regime, although they went away after he got accustomed to the impact.

Nassem, a holder of several world records also added:

“I hope to aim to hit 50 world records to make my country proud.”

Currently, Naseem also holds the world record for smashing the highest number of drink cans, and just last year, Naseem also made a new record, smashing 210 walnuts in 60 seconds. 

Watch a video of Naseem below, and please do not try this at home.