Online buyer learns not to trust others so 'Yeezy-ly' after receiving fake Adidas shoes

The thing about buying stuff online is that you cannot physically see or feel the product before you pay for it.

One netizen learnt that the hard way.

According to World of Buzz, a netizen in America wanted to purchase a pair of the famous but expensive Adidas 'Yeezy' sneakers online.

He came across a post online indicating that someone wanted to sell a pair of pre-owned 'Yeezy Boosts' for $1050.

The buyer was comfortable with the offer, and made the purchase.

However, he had a huge shock when his shoes arrived.

Instead of looking like how it was shown on the photo accompanying the buyer's post, he got a pair of shoes that resembled something like what a baby would wear.

The only similarity between his shoes and that of the original was the colour.

Disappointed, the buyer wrote on social media: "I will never trust online sellers again."

It is unclear what he did thereafter, but we suppose he will pull no stops in trying to get a refund.