Netizens not sure how to feel about new puppy-shaped dessert in Thailand

Thailand has a vibrant cafe scene, but its latest dessert creation has drawn a variety of responses from bewildered netizens.

Photos showing unusual puddings from a dessert shop in Pathum Thani rapidly went viral after being posted on Facebook, where they have garnered over 26,000 shares and 13,000 comments in just three days.

The ready-to-eat coconut puddings are shaped like puppies and placed over a layer of jelly.

They are also very affordable at only 25 baht (around S$1) per box.

However, netizens have mixed reactions to the bizarre sweet treat.

Some said that they would not eat the dessert as it resembled their own pets too much, while others felt that it looked delicious and expressed interest in trying it.

What about you?