Mum shares photos of her 10-year-old son battling cancer -- and they will break your heart

Life after getting diagnosed with cancer is never easy both for the patient as well as his or her loved ones.

A mother has taken to the Internet to share a heartbreaking account of how her son 10-year-old Drake is coping after getting diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 and testicular cancer in 2016.

Her story was featured on website Bored Panda.

Said Drake's mother on Facebook in reference to a photo of him in a toilet:

"“This was this morning after carrying Drake to the bathroom.

“Yes, he is in a pull up because 75% of the time he can’t control his bathroom habits. 

"This is skin and bones, because I have to beg him to eat ONE green bean for supper, or drink a cup of water throughout the day. 

"This is having your son sleep with you at night because he is afraid of something happening and being alone, and by something I mean dying.

"This is him, Drake, Stinky Joe, my whole world. From the moment I found out I was pregnant till future forever, he has been my reason for life. He is my smile, my love, my heartbeat. He is also my tears, my heart ache, my frowns. He is my life."

Have a look at Drake's battle with cancer in the gallery above.