M'sian guy says his GF dumped him because he bought a motorcycle after his car got stolen

There are those who love motorcycles, and those who don't.

Sadly, for one poor Malaysian guy, his girlfriend fell into the second category.

He shared his heartbreaking story on social media, asking netizens for advice, reports The Coverage.

In his post, the man said that his car was stolen last month and he was facing difficulties in getting around.

However, he said that he could not afford another car due to financial difficulties.

Left with no other option, he decided to get the latest Yamaha 1,500cc motorcycle.

The guy explained in his post that the motorcycle was temporary transportation, until his finances improved at least.

But, he claims that his girlfriend did not accept this reasoning and chose to break-up with him.

Most netizens posted funny comments to make the man feel better.

They said things like “change a new girlfriend!”

“Congratulations, without your girlfriend you can save money and get a new car soon”, said another netizen.

“If she really loves you, even if both of you took the bus or walked home together, she wouldn’t mind.”, said one commentor.

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