Move over Ip Man, meet Iron Crotch Man and his balls of steel

20 February 2017

This man has got balls. Balls of steel, that is.

Meet Master Wei Yaobin, who has built a reputation as an "Iron Crotch Gongfu" master in the Chinese city of Luoyang, where he owns and runs a gongfu studio, teaching the art of how to make a powerful blow to the nether-regions.

Aptly named Iron Crotch Gongfu, combatants subjects themselves to strong blows and aim to build up resistance with training, thinking it is important for male sexual health.

Enthusiasts say the practice could cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

But not every man is allowed to practise this exclusive gongfu skill of bludgeoning themselves with bricks, fists and a battering ram.

Master Wei, who has done this for 10 years, says that only family members could previously inherit and master the gongfu.

"We want it to be more popular and accepted by public," Master Wei said, so the studio has started to accept enthusiasts.

The practice still attracts hundreds of would-be-masters every year, despite scientific research lacking in whether or not it's the best way to master one's crotch.

Whatever it is, guys, just don't try this at home, please.