Model Gigi Hadid accused of being racist against Asians in Snapchat clip

February 9, 2017

Maybe this is another reason why mothers tell you you shouldn't play with your food.

American model Gigi Hadid has come under fire over an online video that many deemed racist.

A now-deleted Snapchat clip posted by her sister Bella shows the 21-year-old at what looks like a dinner party, playing with a cookie in the image of a laughing Buddha.

In a moment of tomfoolery, she holds it up to her face, mimicking its expression, smiling and squinting her eyes.

But netizens were having none of it.

The reproach came swiftly in a barrage of tweets, as followers accused the Victoria's Secret model, who is of Palestinian and Dutch descent, of being racist against Asians.

Even her boyfriend, former One Direction star Zayn Malik was not spared.

He was asked on Twitter how he felt as someone of Asian descent, about his girlfriend making fun of Asian people. The half-Pakistani singer cheekily replied: "Trust me... she likes Asians".

Zayn subsequently had to defend himself against angry critics accusing him of being ignorant, alluding to his South-Asian heritage:

But his followers made sure to give him an education, nevertheless:

Gigi's mother, former model Yolanda Hadid, also weighed in on the issue, tweeting: "Only a toxic mind will perceive hugging a chocolate laughing Buddha as racist......"

This is not the first time the model has been criticised for being racist. According to Paper magazine, she wore an afro and darkened skin in 2015 for a Vogue Italia cover shoot and faced major backlash as well.