Man scoops water from flooded grave in Malaysia -- only to dump it in another

Qing Ming, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is a festival where the younger generation cleans the burial grounds of their ancestors to honour and pay tribute to them. 

However, one Malaysian man's attempt to honour his ancestors by clearing floodwater out of a grave in Penang ended up incensing other people who were at the cemetery to pay their respects, when he was filmed dumping the water into a neighbouring grave.

In a video uploaded onto Facebook by Daw Lee, a man can be seen scooping up water that had accumulated in his ancestor's grave using a red pail. However, instead of disposing the water elsewhere, he conveniently dumps it into a neighbouring grave.  

In his Facebook post, Lee said:

"It's early in the morning, and already these few people are doing such uncivilised things. 

"They were so lazy to even take a few steps to pour the water elsewhere.

"If they did the same thing onto my grandpa's grave, they will get it from me!" 

The post, which has since gone viral, has been shared more than 15,000 times. 

A netizen who commented on the post said:

"Most Chinese people know that water symbolises wealth, and by dumping the water, he was actually dumping away all his wealth, fortune and luck."