Man runs for his life from vicious otter after brutal attack -- on his boot

Rory MacPherson has many things on his bucket list, but running away from an otter was definitely not one of them.

The 23-year-old man from Scotland was out for a walk on Monday (May 15) when he encountered a wild otter on the road that tried to bite his boots before chasing him back to his car. 

In the video he uploaded onto Facebook the day itself, Rory can be seen walking up to a wild otter roaming about on the road. The otter suddenly darts towards him, starts squealing adorably, and tries to nibble his boots repeatedly.

After playing with the otter for around a minute, Rory realises that the otter means serious business, and he is forced to run back to his car, all while being chased by the crazed otter.

After making it back to the safety of his car, he lowers the window and asks: "Where did it go?"

The footage ends with the otter popping out from under his car as Rory laughs at the hilarious encounter. 

After the dramatic incident, Rory uploaded the footage onto Facebook with the caption: "Seen a wild otter today...I am not sure I like otters anymore!"