Man proposes to GF with 33,000kg 'meteorite' in China -- but netizens aren't buying it

Proposals are usually accompanied by a huge rock in the form of a sparkly diamond ring -- but you certainly cannot beat this guy's unconventional gift.

A young man, Liu Fei, was recently spotted going down on his knees at a public square in Urumqi, China and asking for his girlfriend Wang Fangfang's hand in marriage.

He had placed a 33,000kg 'meteorite' there for the occasion, which his friends unveiled when it was time.

According to Shanghaiist, the couple met and got together four years ago.

Last year, they travelled together to Kashgar where Liu's friend informed him of a giant rock from outer space which a local collector had in possession.

Intrigued, Liu asked Wang if she wanted to go see the meteorite. Although she was not keen, both went anyway and took a liking to the object.

A plan then began to formulate in Liu's mind. He later privately contacted the collector and purchased the meteorite for over 1 million yuan, to use it in his marriage proposal.

Although Wang agreed to the proposal, netizens are not convinced by Liu's romantic and grand gesture.

Some users pointed out that it was more likely a publicity gimmick for the opening of amarketing centre, which can be seen in the background.