Man in Malaysia beaten up and scalded with hot water after going out with soon-to-be divorced woman

A man in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia, was beaten up and doused with hot water by a group of thugs after he reportedly went out with a soon-to-be divorced woman at around 1am on May 20.

According to The Star, the 25-year-old victim had burns on his back, shoulders and neck after the attack. He also sustained injuries to his face and body.

Said a police spokesperson with regard to what happened:

“We believe he was hit with sticks and other objects before hot water was poured on him."

The victim's father alerted police to what happened after finding his son lying on the ground surrounded by a group of people.

“He (the victim's father) told us that his son had contacted him, claiming he was attacked by a gang of at least 10 people," continued to police spokesperson.

Seven people, including the woman's husband, have been hauled up by police to assist in investigations.