Man in China chops off stall owner's head and tosses it into bin after getting ridiculed

In a fit of anger, a 22-year-old Chinese man killed and chopped off the head of a 42-year-old stall owner, tossing his severed head into a rubbish bin, after the owner allegedly told him not to order if he couldn’t afford the food.

The gruesome murder took place at a small eatery in the city of Wuhan, China, last Saturday (Feb 18) at around 12pm, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The incident arose when the suspect accused the owner of ‘overcharging’ him for three bowls of noodles that he had ordered earlier.

In response, the stall owner reportedly chided him:

“Don’t order if you can’t afford it.”

The suspect, angered by the owner's condescending remark, took out a chopper and slashed the owner, killing him on the spot. 

He proceeded to decapitate the corpse after that, tossing the owner’s head into a bin nearby. 

After the outburst, the suspect lay kneeling by the headless corpse while waiting for the police to arrive. 

The suspect has since been arrested and is being detained by the Chinese police.