Man brings GF and her mum for dinner, refuses to pay bill after her brother and mother's friends show up as well

A Taiwanese man's plans to impress his future mother-in-law took a turn for the worse thanks to a series of unexpected arrivals during their dinner.

The heartbroken girlfriend shared the entire incident on her social media account.

The couple had brought the girl's mother to a Japanese restaurant for a birthday treat.

However, the girl's brother and other family members showed up shortly after, reports World Of Buzz.

Though surprised, the boyfriend did not say anything as he felt that it was ok as they were still her family members.

Sadly, the girl's mother's friends soon joined in for the dinner, and the man finally decided that this was too much.

A meal for three people had somehow morphed into dinner for eight adults and two children.

The final shocker came when the bill came, and the guy realised that the meal added up to a hefty 45,600 New Taiwan Dollars (SGD$2,090).

Incensed, he refused to pay the bill. Sensing something was wrong, the girl's brother used his credit card to pay the bill.

Once the couple got home, they started quarrelling and the boyfriend angrily said, "Obviously your family wants to take advantage of me!"

The girl said in her post that she gave 35,000 New Taiwan Dollars (SGD$1,605) on his behalf, which made the boyfriend so furious that he slapped her.

She added that this had left her heartbroken, and she was unsure if she should take him back after he sent her an apology message.

Other netizens commented on her post and defended her boyfriend, “That bill is seriously too expensive. Since both of you have been together for three years, you should know fairly well about his finances and whether he is able to afford such an expensive meal.

"He already said he wanted to treat your mother but suddenly you brought so many people."

Some of them said, "Both of them are in the wrong, as they did not communicate well.

"A man should never hit a girl, but the girl should also think on her boyfriend’s behalf and not bring so many people along.”