Man becomes Internet star after posing for hilarious photos at IKEA Dubai

A Pakistani man has unintentionally found himself at the centreĀ of attention online, after a visit to IKEA Dubai.

An Imgur user recently uploaded a photo album that was captioned, "A Visit to IKEA Dubai located in Dubai Festival City during the Annual Event Dubai Shopping Festival with my Brother Naeem on Friday 27th Jan 2017".

The pictures 'blew up' unexpectedly, thanks to Naeem's poses and expressions. Of rather, a lack of them.

Netizens have left a flurry of funny comments on the thread, with some calling it the "best post of all time".

One wrote, "This is absolutely amazing. I've never seen a meme being born in the wild," while another user said, Naeem's big day out. I love the sunglasses and the slightly bored look".

Check out all the images in the gallery.