Malaysian woman dumps car at kiosk, refuses to move unless given free tank of petrol

A Malaysia woman recently parked her car in front of a pump at a petrol station and refused to move it, unless she was given a free tank of petrol.

Photos and videos of the thuggish woman was uploaded onto Wow996’s Facebook page, reports World of Buzz

An accompanying caption by Facebook user Chang Lee Ying read:

“Today, we encountered an unreasonable customer who demanded for free petrol. 

“She said she did not have money to pump petrol so she just left her car at the petrol station and blocked one of the pumps from being used.

“She also wanted us to pump a full tank for her, or wouldn’t move her car otherwise. 

“Isn’t her actions equivalent to robbing?!”

In one of the videos, kiosk employees asked if the car belonged to the woman to which she replied:

“Yes, it’s my car, registered under my name.”

In another video, staff clarified the woman’s demands:

“So you mean to say that you want us to pump a full tank for your car, otherwise you wouldn’t leave, is that correct?”

Upon noticing that the employee was filming her, the woman even had the nerve to strike a happy pose and laughed before answering:

“Yes, that’s correct.

“Go ahead and share this video with the whole world.”

From the looks of it, she got her wish, and the videos were shared online, with over 73,000 views. 

Netizens have expressed umbrage at the unreasonable actions by the woman.

A netizen even offered her a solution:

“May she should sell her car and get a bicycle instead.

“This way, she’ll get extra money, plus she won’t have to pay for petrol.

“A win-win situation!”

Another netizen said:

“Just report to the police and see what else she can do!”

An employee who was allegedly involved in the incident commented:

“We decided to give her RM10 worth of petrol to send her on her way.

“If she really didn’t have money to pay for petrol, it’s not an issue. 

“All she needed to do was come in and ask for our help.

“It’s not like we don’t have the compassion to help a person in need out. “