Malaysian student needs to carry around two ICs -- just to display her full name

A Malaysian medical student is required to carry around two identity cards (IC) -- because her name could not fit on one card. 

The 25-year-old student, Sharifah Nur’Insyirah Saifuddin Shah, has a Malaysian IC, along with with a ‘name confirmation’ card which displays her full name, reports The Coverage

Said Nur’Insyirah:

“People don’t believe my first IC is real because the name that’s on it is just my name, while my father’s name isn’t.

“So, I have to show my additional IC (the name confirmation card) to present my complete name.”

Although she is understandably tired of the cumbersome situation, Nur’Insyirah has been unable to renew her IC as she is still currently studying overseas in Russia. 

Nur’Insyirah said that her long name has caused her many inconveniences:

“My first experience was when I was sitting for an exam in primary school. 

“I had to use two forms because there wasn’t enough room to write my full name.”

In another instance, she was detained at an immigration checkpoint for hours as the officers wanted to verify that her two IC’s were real. 

Nur’Insyirah also said that she was proud of her unique name, and although she plans to update her IC soon, she hopes to keep the current two as they held sentimental value for her. 

She added:

“I will ask the relevant parties whether I can keep my old ICs for memories sake even though I can’t use them anymore.”