Malaysian man repeatedly slams phone on floor after being told to wait 2 to 3 days for exchange

A Malaysian man drew netizens' irritation after he flew into a rage and demolished his phone at a phone service centre upon being told he had to wait two to three days for an exchange.

The man had allegedly bought a smart phone and claimed that it couldn't be turned on just after one week of use, reports World of Buzz

He subsequently went to the service centre to claim his warranty, but was told that he had to leave his phone there two to three days for an inspection before they could do the exchange.

The man got mad upon hearing that, and started recording a short clip of himself dissing the brand. 

He confronted an employee in the shop and asked him why he had to wait as opposed to other brands, which he alleged would have granted him the exchange on the spot.

He can be heard shouting in Cantonese:

“Can’t you see this?

“The phone malfunctioned after just 1 week and they said I can’t claim warranty for this.

“Screw you!”

The enraged man then slammed his phone to the floor, before picking it up and tossing it again and again --- right in front of bewildered shop staff. 

After his outburst, the man whipped out another phone, and commented on how he had managed to make a swap with the particular brand. 

A video of the man’s rampage was upload onto the We Are Malaysian Facebook page, and netizens have criticised his unruly and violent disposition.

Said one netizens:

“Warranty doesn’t work like that.

“Under warranty policy, the company is willing to fox the phone for you, not do a exchange.”

One netizen was also critical of the man’s behaviour:

“Just because you needed to wait for two to three days but demanded it to be immediate instead? 

“Breaking the phone won’t solve the problem, you’re just wasting your money.”

Take a look at the video below.