Malaysia woman fakes own kidnapping to avoid paying debts, gets arrested instead

A Malaysian woman from Ipoh was arrested for faking her own kidnapping, in a bid to avoid paying debts.

News of the incident went viral on Saturday (May 6) after she was spotted delivering goods to customers in Taiping on Wednesday (May 3) while news of her ‘kindnapping’ were circulating on social media, reports The Coverage

She has since been arrested in Selangor. 

Perak Tengah Officer in Charge of Police District (OCPD) superintendent Mohamad Zainal Abdullah said that investigations revealed that the woman in her forties had faked her kidnapping to evade the people whom she owed money to. 

Said superintendent Mohamad Zainal:

“She had sent a picture to her husband claiming that she had been tied up and abducted. 

“She had also sent a voice mail asking for help.

“We found out that she was working at a kindergarten in Shah Alam on Tuesday (May 5). 

“She was promptly arrested.”

Her husband lodged a police report at the Perak Tengah district police headquarters a day after the reported ‘kidnapping’.

This however, threw a wrench into the woman’s plan. 

The Malaysian police are now looking for an individual who goes by “Wan’, believed to be the suspect’s accomplice.