Looks and skills to kill: All-girl team from Malaysia wins international female Dota tournament

A team of girls have made waves in the world of E-sports after coming up out tops at a Dota tournament on Jan 22.

According to The Coverage, the team of five who compete under the banner 'Grills Gaming' recently won the Female SEA League 4. 

The competition that spanned over four months saw female gamers competing with other teams from Southeast Asia in the popular multi-player battle arena video game Dota 2.

Grills Gaming consists of sweet-looking members Stephanie Lim, Bette Chia, Tiffani Lim, Wong Wei Sian and Nicole Lim.

They defeated a team from Thailand in the grand-finals in what has been described as an intense match. 

Each member of Grills Gaming walked away with a $539 Linksys router as well as a set of gaming gears from Creative BlasterX.