Like to spam chilli sauce? Video of Malaysian restaurant owner digging out condiments with fingers may change your mind

A 50-second video showing a Malaysian dim sum restaurant worker digging out sauce with her fingers has been circulating on Facebook.

According to speculations by many netizens, the video was taken at one of the famous restaurants in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, reports World of Buzz.

The video has been shared over 1,500 times just 15 hours after it was first uploaded.

The footage showed a middle-aged woman transferring leftover sauce in a bottle to a new one. 

When some of the condiments stubbornly remained, the worker resorted to using her fingers into coaxing the remnants out. 

The outputting video has disgusted many netizens, but some have sided with the woman too.

Said one netizen:

“She’s trying not to waste any food, but you criticised her for being disgusting. 

“How did you know she didn’t wash her hand before that? 

“If she did that behind closed doors, you won’t even know it and you would still be enjoying the food. 

“She’s just trying to make a living by working there, is it necessary to call her out?”