Korean tiger mum's unexpected response to daughter's poor grade goes viral

Admit it, most of us probably had strict and demanding parents who had high expectations of us when we were growing up.

Hannah Cho, a Korean-American high school student, is no exception. 

Recently, Hannah had a math test. Despite studying hard for it, she did not do as well as she had hoped.  

Disappointed in herself, she sent her mother a Snapchat saying that she had "failed". 

To her surprise, her mother replied with an amazingly heartwarming message. 

Hannah uploaded a screenshot of the message on Twitter last week (Mar 17), and it has been retweeted more than 4,000 times since then.

A netizen who was amused by the tweet said:

"I wish my mom loved me this much. 

"When I failed my math test, she grounded me."